Discovering Laser Doppler Vibrometry: 30 years of teaching and research

Tomasini Enrico Primo Tomasini Università Politecnica delle Marche

Prof. Enrico Primo Tomasini

Università Politecnica delle Marche
Dipartimento di Ingegneria Industriale e Scienze Matematiche - DIISM


The lecture will focus on the field of non-contact measurements and in particular on the development of measurement technologies based on laser Doppler interferometry. Laser-Doppler-Vibrometry LDV  already well established for vibration analysis, giving a deep insight into the technology and discussing their impact on some specific vibration-analysis for laboratory use, field testing and industrial application.
Prof. E.P. Tomasini has also given an important impulse to broaden the use of Laser Doppler Vibrometry among the scientific community thanks to the institution of the International Conference on Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques, which has been held for the first time in 1994 in Ancona (Italy).
Finally, since Prof. Tomasini always pays a special attention to teaching, he was editing a multimedial book on Laser Vibrometry, where theory, instrumentation and application of this technique are described. This multimedia support and its structure has been conceived to let the reader have the possibility of browsing throughout the topics and chapters, jumping from the instrumentations and their innovative applications to the basic theory.


Enrico Primo Tomasini is Full Professor of "Misure Meccaniche, Termiche e Collaudi" since 1986, at Engineering Faculty of Università Politecnica delle Marche. Since Academic years 1999-2000, he teaches also to Biomedical Engineering students. He carries out research activities in many fields, in particular about non-contact measurements, carried out by means of Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques, such as Laser Doppler anemometry and Particle Image Velocimetry. He is also experience on Design and Realization of Optical sensors, Infrared Thermography, Ultrasound Techniques and Image Acquisition Techniques for motion and shape measurements. This expertise can be spent in a wide range of applications, from the typicalsectors of mechanic and fluid dynamic, acoustic, to the quality control in production lines, the non-destructive tests and the biomedical measures.
Professor Tomasini is the founding member and President of the "Associazione Italiana VElocimetria LAser e diagnostica non invasiva"(AIVELA), a scientific non-profit organization that promotes the study and the use of laser instruments for measuring the fluids and solids motion and diagnostics without contact. In addition, he is Chairman of the International Conference on "Vibration Measurements by Laser Techniques". He is the author of more that 150 publications on books, journals and national and international conferences.

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